The Kingdom of God & The Church

When considering the Roman Catholic Church vs the Protestant tradition, I consider, what is the church to look like? A visible organization? Or, a spiritual gathering, worldwide, that has individual small local manifestations? Well … what’s the Kingdom of God to look like. I think the 2 are the same thing.

Jesus said the kingdom is among you (spiritually). Paul said it’s not a matter of eating & drinking, but the kingdom is about righteousness and peace in the Holy Spirit (spiritual). Jesus said he would build his church on Peter (physical). Paul said it’s built on the apostles and the prophets (not sure). Jesus said you must be born again to see it (spiritual).

Should there be a physical organization isn’t a question that divides RCC and P. They both have answered “yes” in their own way. But, the matter of Peter and the Pope isn’t answered the same way.

The more important thing seems to be knowing Jesus evidenced by following his commandments. RCC would say knowing him is through the sacraments. But I think it’s more of a matter of “coming and believing” in Jesus (John 6:35), rather than eating and drinking. And believing rather than being washed with water.

It’s a difficult thing. I can see the RCC viewpoint and make sense of it. But, I think the spiritual matters (rather than the sacramental) are more important. For example, it may be more important to be obedient to the law of Christ than to keep the sacraments properly. But that argument doesn’t go against RRC any more than P. It just is something to keep in mind in particular situations.

So, it brings me to love as being the critical thing. The other matters we need to work out as best we can.

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Trouble w/ No Solution In Sight

My wife …

She sits in her recliner with her eyes glued to her phone for hours each day. It’s her default position when she’s at home. It’s rare when she’s doing something else. She’s always been lazy, but now the phone has thrown gasoline on the fire. And she can’t or won’t talk with me. Has she ever in an honest way? She’s not happy and she thinks it’s my fault. It feels like a ticking time bomb that’s going to eventually explode. It won’t be the end of our relationship. That’s already happened. But it seems like it will be something destructive and terrible.

Jesus offers a solid rock foundation in his commandments. I think that, and trying to exercise wisdom in my dealings with Susan is my best route.

A heavy dread fallin’
I run toward the soli’ rock
Digging in to stay

Aching because life
I’m not big enough for it
I come out and cringe

Set me down in love
Be near me with your presence
Let me rest with you

Love of God, my hope
Salvation of God, my need
Way of God , to move

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Vision for my world

Christian Framework

  • Working together for the synergistic provision for life and flourishing

  • Doing all in love one’s self, fellowman and creation

  • Bearing greater responsibility for those closest to us in regards to covenant relationship, parental and mentoring connection, and proximity & opportunity connection.

  • Enjoying the grace provided through Jesus together and extending that on to one another

  • Being present together, acknowledging creatorly care & giving thanks.

  • Exploration and growing for the purpose of everything above.

The Mixing of Many Minds and Words

I’m reading some from different sources … Shakespear, The Book of Mormon, The Odyssey, the Bible, Linux …. Some of it I’m barely grasping. It’s like a world of words, work, creations. And the world is beautiful, and it speaks. Maybe my eyes are being opened a little bit.

It’s deep and sluggish
by my feeble legs
but rich with the word

Choosing The Good

There are base things that can enslave us. They give us pleasure of some sort. They excite us and feed our flesh. Then there is something higher, truer. The pleasure of which is healthy. It feeds our soul, meaning our true life, body and spirit and person, etc. Not just our fleshly cravings. Habits can be built on the first. Spiritual and personal strength can be built on the second.

We’ve been given grace to choose and walk in the second. We have to take hold of it, walk in it, focus and drink from it.

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Evangelism … what I would say.

Jonny and Gracie are interested in evangelism, downtown on Sunday, the 4th of July. I said I was interested in going with them. So, what would I say?

Hi, my name is Will. I’m a follower of Jesus. Can I tell you about him?

Jesus is a man who lived 2000 years ago. The writings about him say that not only was he a man, but he was the son of God. He did things, like healing the sick and raising the dead back to life, that made people think that he was sent from God. He also had a message for the people. He said that God’s kingdom had come close. But, Jesus made the religious rulers of the time upset and they wanted to get rid of him. They found a way to get the government to execute him, and that’s what happened. But 3 days afterwards, God raised Jesus from the dead and he appeared to his followers.

The writings about him say that his death was for our sins and we can be forgiven in his name. They say that he is in the spiritual realm right now and is the true king of the world. His message for the world is that we should be his followers and live as he did, loving and serving one another.

Are you interested in being a follower of Jesus?

If yes, make arrangements to talk on the phone and meet up again in person.

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It’s a Good Day …

It’s hard. Life can be like a hamster on the wheel, never able to get out of the rat race. But it’s also very good. Just like it is. I need moments like this, where I’m just recording, observing. Taking a moment to feel present and realize I’m okay, just as it is.

I’m not sure what else to say. I feel the need to get back to work. While my wife mainly sits in her recliner and plays games on her phone. It’s a strange, hard life. But it’s also okay. Compared to so many who live the human experience, I have it very well.

What’s My Life All About Again? …

I seem to ask this question a lot. It’s not too complicated, but I come back to it. I seem to need to resettle on what it’s all about, what am I don’t, what should I do. So, what’s my life all about again?

I’m a creature, I believe, of God. I live in a marvelous universe, and I’m marvelous. But, I have a strong sense of justice, right & wrong, and it’s really important for me (and my fellow creatures it seems) to be right. But, I’m not always.

The book of my people, the Bible, says my marching orders is to love. Maybe I also ought to grow, learn, work, etc. Maybe that can all be done together, with love.

So, what does that tell me about today & what I should be doing? It doesn’t, exactly. But it helps.

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Subjects for Study

Knowledge work

What kind of knowledge could affect me the most:

  • Laundry & stains

  • Learning to be gracious & knowing how to conduct myself in all kinds of situations & w/ all kinds of people

  • Classic literature

  • Critical thinking

  • Storytelling

  • VG tax stuff

  • Linux administration

  • World religions

I’m currently studying Linux and World Religions via, and reading about laundry and stains. Start a focus on classic literature.